The Founder of "Vak-Bottyan" kennel 35 years ago was my husband Boros Arpad. He is known as a poineer of persian catbreed, because he introduced this very atractive animal to Hungary. As the same time I have engaged myself to continue with this breed. The proof is with good result. The excelent quality of my cats are due to using imported breed from abroad mainly from the USA.

The first imported cream colored male cat "Maximillian von Freichenbruck" was of West-Germany origin. This followed by a red tabby male cat "2 Sina's Man of Manhattan" (blood: Surrey Hill, Midas, Prim Pet, Kismat, Su-Ju's, Shennen). from the USA. The real renewal in the kennel came with the arrival os CFA Champion "Azimut Chardon" (blood: Azimut, Meachwlark"s, Mary Lou, Pantoufle, Ziegfeld) one colored Canadian male cat and by the CFA Champion Ch. "Polcan's Midnight Cowboy (blood: Barmont, Q-T Cats, Bolo, Sharada, Ziegfeld, Lullaby, Jovan, Bar-B, Piront, Marhci, Mystichill, Cattrax) black male import cat from USA. Short time ago arrived also from the USA a brown spotted exotic male cat "Midas American Idol" He was born in April 2008.

Within my kennel there are unicoloured, bicolor, tricolor and harlequin cats. The off-springs receive the necessary vaccinations when they are 8-9 weeks old and before this they will be dewormed.
It is important to me that people who are interested in my cats are catlovers and they take care for their well being by creating a warm loving home for this beautiful breed.

If the above summary and the history of my kennel gives confidence and interest in my beautiful kittens please contact me as followes:

by phone under nr.: 00-36- 1-284-2747
or sanding e-mail:

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